The truth about melbourne

Today, i woke up normally like every other day,spend most of it doing useless stuff online n 2 hours of homework then i leave my shoebox room in the middle of the nite to go and take a walk becoz im too bored. Little did i noe that my one hour walk inspire me to write the truth about melbourne on saturday nite.Im living on the world’s most liveable city, in the most famous street melbourne , yet i found somehow this city living is tiring , tedious and boring. There is nothing really special that made it the most liveable city, im still wondering where the title is judged from. My little tour show the worst of what melbourne city living can be. After hours of booze, boobs and loud music people find themselves another chiral personality. The usually squeaky clean image is tarnished by the massive amount of litter they throw on saturday nite, namely beer bottle, cans, fast-food wrappings, tissues and the side effect of drinking, vomit. Yet for the people that did this, this is wat city living is all about, having fun. A little thought for melbourne, a little thought for me.


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