Sleeping King

Yeah, i m bored so i wan to write abt my sleeping habits here first.

While i was a kid up till the age of 12 i had no problem sleeping early and stay awake for class.It doesnt cross my mind that sleeping in class would be comfortable or that good.Largely because in my home parents use to get me to slp at 9 pm.That is my family.Until now its still that way, 9 pm.

When i left indonesia to study in singapore i got influenced by the hardworking culture of people there..go work till 6 go back enjoy and relax until midnight then slp and so i follow that too.It wasnt until sec 3 that i started sleeping in class like forever.My maths teacher who gets the first class every morning use to call my name countless time on one class.My maths result is poor as alwaes and i dun make effort to change tt.Instead i dropped my a maths after a straight f9 for most of the two years until o lvl.I sleep everywhere, i annoyed most teacher on this, but the effect was biggest on mathemathics, i had no idea why.I can slp for biology and still get As for exam.Mayb this is why i like biology up until trinity college..uni is crazy, its as if they wan to kill you with the terms u need to rmbr.Other than uni you can sleep all u like and juz study the day before exam, i can almost guarantee you if you study hard enuf an As is never too far.

The thing about sleeping everywhere probably reaches its peak at secondary 4.I sleep on the bus, i sleep in the class, hell i can sleep standing against the wall, i once sleep on a bus stop and on the Takashimaya’s fountain after watchin 2 am shows in the cinema.Crazy…people call me, but somehow im proud of my sleeping habit, im without doubt the sleeping king in my secondary school.Lol..that was the good old days.


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