These few days are the start of the easter holiday…people have been procrastinating like nobody business so i came to think to write something about motivation as i see it.

There are many different types of people and motivation but it can generally be classified as 2
Those with internal motivation
Those who need external motivation

The first one are just is very hard to summon your own motivation. Most of the time people need others to support them or try to do thing better.Beside no man is an island so all i can say that people with pure internal motivation is quite rare.

The external on the other hand can come from various of different reason.External motivation can be doing it for reward(x360 by parents anyone?), wanting to beat the crap out of your archrival, or to prove what people say in the past is actually wrong( im largely in this and a few more). I totally loathe the way people in the past who doubt i will ever make it to good uni.I loathe the people who underestimate me coz i slp in the class ( If u are on of this good luck, hope i dun beat the shit out of  you).The only good source of motivation i have is that i have to watch people do work and i will start doing work as well.It isnt that hard to do when somebody is doing the same thing as you.I dun really get any reward specially prepared by parents. I will decide my own what i want to buy, money in the bank.

After all i feel that so many people often live wanting to prove something to other people and it is really tiring.We dont get anything out of it except people saying " Oh, you did it". If we fail, people say " see thats what i say last time, you wont make it", bloody god damn hurt. asses.As of know i need a source of motivation myself to finish 2 essays, PEOPLE STOP PROCRASTINATING.


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