A Series of Unfortunate Events

These 2 days is absolute nonsense, crap, shit, getting pwned, watever u called it. On monday i wake up and receive a message from my fren saying that the exam timetable is up. Happy go checking to the website then read from top to bottom all my four subject. A sudden realization struck me so hard, i was stoned, like really STONED , as if i was smoking crack in the early hours of the sunrise.  Was muttering WTF is with the exam timetable for a whole hour before i did anyting else. I got economics and biology paper on the same day. I would rather sacrifice a week of my holiday to get tt paper on separate day. My head was filling up with all kind of weird excuses and methods to get away from tt bloody concoctions. Breakin my own arms was one of them.

As if that was not bad enough, on tuesday i woke up late, missing 2 classes straight. Lose 1 percent for management tute. On the way to school, i was about to cross the road to the tram stop when a 2 tonne land cruiser turn left at fairly high speed and didnt seem to care if there was any pedestrian walking across.Idiots, this are school zone, the driving speed shld be less than 40km/h. Asses. Got on the tram and guess wat happen next…………………………………………………..
I got caught by a horde of tram officers waiting at melbourne uni tram stop. Arh…great. cant see any way out of this one. so shit. they broke my godlike streak of fare evading for 1 and half year. As the old saying goes, u gotta pay sooner or later dude. Wait for the fine to come knocking at my door ard 3 weeks time. Then the unlucky events continue to the bio lab. My control for the enzyme test was messed up. its not completely denatured. so weird. muz have mutated or something.
That was about all unluckyness i got…….up to this point. With that i would better be paranoid tomoz. i dunno wats gonna hit me next day. better save ur ass than be sorry somebody kicked at it.


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