heh, went to fga cell todae for the bible study, made a lot of new frenz. Somethin tt i actually haven been doing in quite a while. So to fast forward heres wat happen in the bible study discussion that went way everywhere except the bible. (with tt kind of people this thing is expected).

So we went on talkin abt how David invite his crippled enemy who otherwise would cut his head off to dinner and treat him as his equal. Then the conversation moves to the question what would u want to have when u are feeling down and depressed(coz tt enemy is crippled, and down and depressed). A girl go on saying to have somebody to listen to you while you juz pour everything to ur fren, its kinda wat we guys would like to think to. Guys in this conversation somehow is very quiet coz we have an understanding between each other. I dunno how the conversation ended up with being supported financially from the fren, then goin on to guys get over breakups longer than girls or watever. But then the girls group start interrogating us and asking what would we do and what do we want. It is kinda self-explanatory that its fairly the same, n they still go on pressing us, tell us abt ur experience. I mean wtf, u dun have to go to tt extend to make a guy tell to the whole group how bad his past experiences were, we are honoured men u see. I think some girls juz dun really noe how bad the extent of gettin hurt that guys experiences. For the correct soul that pointed out guys suffer more, thanks. For those that ask us to elaborate no thanks. As much as we wanted to share we cant, at least not in tt kind of group. Trust me, girls, sometime the less u noe abt wats goin on in guys head, its better. For the last part of our discussion…the cell leader go on to mention a fucking damn string of words which really i wouldnt like to hear even if i was near my grave. Damn it…..u girls already noe it, wat is there to tell abt. Damn it. fucken damn string, i juz couldnt believe it came juz like tt. I have been tryin to get this off for so long and now it come back. heh……damn sien. pissed off. – END


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