exam without the stress

I dunno wats wrong with me this examination, its juz tt there were no stress in doing it(which is better)..and less pressure in studying. Mayb its coz u need only to pass the exam and tts quite an easy thing to do. There is no mood to score high this term….very slack. Nothing much to do in between exam paper except slacking , play game and eat with frenz.Wondering what im gonna do for hols which is like in 4 days time. i have 7 weeks hols and im NOT going back indo for the first time.Stay here and do wat guys……come up with sumthing.Feel like trying to work and earn some money.Sleeping time has been messed up bad. As for the exam that has past..was quite ok, thought i gonna fail chemistry but then went to the exam hall, i did better than i expected even thou i didnt finish the paper.I noe i pass. hehehe……good2. now left one last one managament..come there and finish it only.How to fail essay? unless u dunno wat u talkin abt la.Todae goin watch x-men 3. Hmm A|X got sale, but no money in bank, wait until parents send money.


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