a network marketing story

For this story, i try to provide as much unbiased sources which i draw conclusion from, and made up my mind why i would not join the network marketing of Amway until substantial hard fact evidence brought up to me.





for the webraw site….please read the COMMENT thouroghly before making any conclusion….



Other than that….If any of you are in amway and are earning money…good for you…but try to post me with a bank account statements a year later to show you are earning a good 2000 AUD/month . The facts that bother me the most are collecting profit from the front-line distributors and the fact that amway distributors buy product from their own store in the masses to generate pv points…Sure its a win-win situation, but do some accounting beforehand to calculate how much net profit u earn and how much u loss in seminars, rallies, books and motivational stuffs etc. If u still making a positive profit of 2000/ month, tell me asap.I will join right away, no question asked.
Other claims such as Artistry is the market leader in the japan cosmetic market, provide me with some links as i am unable to find one.

Until then, well sorry, im not convinced to join.


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