The wish for a new aim

The last few days was not that bad, we go and cook tempura @ twinz place. On the last thought the amount of food was too much for 4 people. hahaha…even with 2 round of cooking and 6 people eating in the end, there is still something left. Quite rare for us guys to come around and do some cooking. Guess its a good experience that can be used for later.hehe
Apart from that our sleeping time has virtually been reversed, nighstalker full time. Wat kind of people wake up at 12.30 am in the morning and sleep at 1 pm ? this is absolute madness. Breakfast @ hawkers cafe with our special waitress Kelene.hahahaha……Funny how the employees at hawkers doesnt mind us sitting there for a damn long time..4 hours noe. Even ur butt can left imprint on the chair. Coz they doesnt want to serve people that much anymore. Its late and they have worked the whole day. So by getting us to sit and stay there we have practically denied 30 odd people(since our table is the biggest).Quite a bit of money.
A few sights in the hawkers while we were chatting was……hotties back from clubbing with mini skirts( i wonder how they can stand a 7 degrees melbourne nite with juz that skimpy clothing). Absolutely amazing.hahaha…the not so good ones was a bald gangster looking guy standing at the side of our table as if signalling us to get our ass and out of the place. Its like theres nothing they can do and the shop was on our side XD.Then we walk home and play dota to 1 pm. Yes, a sad life i noe. But if u have any ideas of wat else to do in melbourne u are free to tell me.
That alone, i have my own ideas of touring melbourne on sunday tomoz on train since there is sunday saver. Sick of the bright square facing me all day long. Krispy kreme opened at narre warren, worth a visit. Acidzburns out.


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