Today, the 7th of July is an important day for all the melbourne uni students becoz todae is the day the result is revealed. Unlike others who go to check online and get result instantly, well i was on the unlucky side today. I tried to check online and there appear in bold words, outstanding library fines and result would not be displayed until all fines and fees are settled. With that i went to the bank first, i lost my atm card 2 days ago, i got a spare one but the pin number has a problem and there i went. I was queueing for about 10 minutes and then it was my turn, the teller politely say that the system is currently down and they cant help me abt it and they say probably the system will be back up soon. So i wait for a while about 20 minutes or so. Then i queque up again for another 10, still doesnt work.So I withdraw money manually by using the form. After the bank incident, i walk outside in cold melbourne rain to take a tram to uni. There i reach the library and found out that i have whopping 36.50 of fines for 7 overdue item. Since my card is not working and i cant pay by cash, the person there suggest that i go to top up the photocopying card with money. I dun have exact amount so i have to put in 50 bucks of which no refund is given(FUCK UNI CHEAT MONEY). I got fines settled and walk home under the fuckin rain. I reach home and the rain stops, how unlucky can that be. Checked my result from my com and found out i got a H1 for management, H2B for biology, H3 for econs(i dunno how the hell i got this bad for econs) and P for chemistry(which was expected coz i dunno much of the question). Shitty result, shitty day, perfect match.


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