Rush hour

I wake up today on the last friday before the uni start next week to imagine how am i gonna be able to wake up at 7 am for three days a week to make it for the bio lecture at 8 am. I havent done this for so long. Probably even if i did make it i gonna fall aslp there.timetable is crap and i cant do anything abt it.Stomach growling and decided to go to hungry jacks for a breakfast. Bathed, take my stuff and go down in the elevator with all the other students who have started school. Temperature was about 5 degree C. Walk out to the thickest moisture coming out of your mouth.Walk up the street towards the hj and get my food. I sat down at the table overlooking on of the busiest junction in the city and then i dunno why i start comparing melbourne to singapore. As far as i know melburnians can only rush this much in the morning. As the days goes on, they start to work slower and slower. Even in the rush hour, people does not seem to walk as if theres somebody that is stalking them (aka Hk, sg).  How far have singapore come to that kind of pace. Its so fast, people find it hard to cope with it already. 5 days week,yeah rite. 5 days week is the official, wat the papers say, the political bullshit. School have to be longer during weekdays, extra classes on saturday those that they call ‘remedial’ even though you are learning new stuff.Those over at work have got assignment to do at home, stack loads of em.Bosses ordering around, finish by next week as if it was that easy. Its really kinda hard to think of this kind of stuff unless you are like me, idling around at a fast food chain watchin people come and go. We, the new generation have become slave of our own culture, money, chained to the technology, luxury. Singaporean kids totting hp while they are in primary school, dreaming big about how much money can they make when they graduate. Indoctrination that ITE =Its The End, no place to go, unwanted, rejected. Working as hard as they can earning reputation, grades, award for every kind of things they invented be it cleanest class, toilet, most beatiful garden, noble prefect, community work, cca. So pressurized to do their best and time is so of the essence. It is no wonder that the working pace is so crazy, mad. I duno how much money they make in a seconds but i juz realized that they have to build an underground pedestrian walkway diagonally to save 30 seconds of traffic light waiting time. walking across one and across another juz wont do it as fast. 3 tiered roads. 1 on ground level, 1 on basement, 1 overfly. save how many seconds, i duno probably 1 minutes. Too high taxes, too little cpf or superannuations means that the average singaporeans have to work their ass off to earn a good retirement. Not surprising those who have long term sickness also tend to be poor considering how many seconds they waste of not following the pace. Fuck GDP, its rubbish, u do have high gdp but its becoz some people are earning all the money and others too little of it. Here i am sitting in one of the busiest junction in southern hemisphere, comparing to the time when i ate at raffles place. People standing all around your table couldnt wait for you to leave. Why have it come to all these, i also dun understand. They have come thus far from third world to first in juz 30 years, america tooks 10 times as long. Maybe, as time goes by, when the pace have reach its saturation point and everything begans to break down. Stress, anxiety, depression , part and parcel of it. Nobody wants to become a tradesman. Time allows when neighbouring country have developed their economy , shortage of labourers whos gonna do all the dirty work? I might not live as long to witness it but someday its gonna happen.

Crazy ain’t it but even then i still prefer a singaporean teller to service me in the bank.



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