2 years and hell of a difference

When I was 16 i feel well quite young, not so much responsibility,no hurry to do anything. now that im 18 feel old..sad. not much time to play around. Worse comparing to my frens who are like 22-24 and their parents start hurrying them to get married @@. I wonder if my parents will do tt. Hopefully not. Doesnt even cross my mind of settling down at that age. Still feel like studying.Take up another course once i finish. if i finish at 21 for science and take new course…..i will be 24 -.- Shit tts well, not young anymore. 6 years from now will i change much?? I wonder, let time take its course. Meanwhile taking reference from 6 years ago when i was 12, yeah bloody hell i changed a lot. This short guy landed himself on foreign land of Singapore, no wax no gel and with few friends and bit of a nerd(haven sleep in class yet). Oh well, i dunno wat another 6 years will turn me into.

Looks like i have become a bit of slacker now. Lost in the middle of biology, chemistry and macro econs. Semester 2 is bad, bad, bad. I wish i got more brainpower like some other people. Last semester was close shave got a pass, this semester much harder not close shave anymore man, become SHAVEN. Ain’t funny, time to prove i didnt reach here by chance. Well, i still got a bit of nerd in me after all.


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