Birthday cards

i was contemplating for 2 days whether to write this essay or not. I’m not sure why but well lets get started.

Birthday are fun occasion, day u grew a step older and taking more responsibility over ur own life, sometimes its a day which u may receive many presents. Yesterday, i was really tired of doing my school work and i start looking at collections of mementos and birthday cards i have received over the years. Its somehow very heartwarming especially to look at those hand-written cards and i thoroughly enjoyed in remembering those people who wrote the cards. Im not a person who take a lot of pictures or write notes about every happy moments in my life. These cards serve as a remembrance to those people whom i am able to meet and made a difference in their life. Over the years i foresee that the gifts that i will remember most will be these cards, rather than other materials stuff that is either consumed, wear and tear, or finished their life use. Its not to say that i don’t appreciate other kind of gifts its juz that handwritten cards hold tremendous emotional value to me. Online testimonials and stuff might provide an alternative but nothing comes as close as something u can keep, hold on for times to come. Just for the sake of it, it would be better if you give just one photo together with the cards. As time comes and go , rest assured that I will promise you to keep these birthday cards for life.


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