Feel the MSN

This is probably something that most of us do at home. Sit in front of the computer and cure that feeling of loneliness by chatting up with some frenz over MSN. Personally, i have used msn for quite a while now, and well most of the time im perpetually online now, even thou i might not be sitting in front of the com and reply to ur msg.

Anw, the thing that i want to talk about todae is how such faceless virtual chatting without seeing the other person emotions or hearing what they saying can actually convey us some of their feelings. I feel that the more i used msn , the better i chat with people, the more i noe the way they type each word, how they say a hello message to initiate a conversation and tell how the other person is feeling by means of a few inanimate words, how long it took them to reply the message, did they hesitate in typing the message (delete and write x n), number of dots used and stuff. I guess perception of imagination helps, well i guess we live a separate lives in our virtual world now, and this is the way to communicate.


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