Friendster upgrades

Friendster is undergoing constant updates..but then again i wonder whether some of the updates are actually necessary. Some of them are juz plain wth… i mean , can u not add a friend, bookmark, check other people profiles without other people gettin mass email that somethin is updated. I wonder if everybody needs to noe wat everybody else is doing. Hmm…….

Anw, im still awake in the middle of the morning, its 8 am now. Cant sleep coz i sleep too much yesterdae(again). zZz….Im not sure its becoz i juz cant sleep or i m thinkin of somethin else. Oh well…when the sleeping proz cant sleep, tts trouble. (more hmm)….(tt was lame)….well this is a boring hols, cant help it to be lame at times.

My new crazy hobby during hols is to type the lyrics of song im listening out into msn, most of the time i never realized wat the lyrics were saying, im basically listening to the tune. And then i was really bored and i listen carefully to it and type it out. Interesting, music that actually is loud as hell got very emo lyrics. And song with title such as where is the love by black eyed peas are actually talking about the condition of the society rather than the typical "love". I got my 3 am and 4 am song. One by busted and another by lost prophet. I reckon these 2 are pretty good, for those who never hear it before go and check it out by whatever means is available to u (Itunes music store, bitcomet, limewire). Puttin lyrics into msn sometimes draw attention, but whu cares when i could juz say i got it from a song :p. lmao…tts basically it. leave it for u guys what do want to think when i do put up lyrics.


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