We make a lot of decisions in life, every time. These decisions often decide what are you gonna do, where are you gonna be in the set time frame. Yet, for some of us, like me i found it hard to make a strong decision about something and also have the mindset to be able to do it. You have to have both because one cant work without the other.

I feel that i realized i am not a decisive person as i wanted to be. I cant decide where to eat for dinner, what subjects to take for my electives, how am i going to spend my money, when can i meet people over for lunch/dinner and more important things than that. For those of you, contributors of individual6, i wrote similar entry before and i deleted it so dun need to read this one if you dont want to. Yet, justifying those cases where decisions could not be made clear, i assure you i take a lot of time to think about it. The decisions that u made affects not only yourself but at times people around you. It could be your parents or your friends or even somebody you juz met on the road. Im sometimes split between making and not making decisions, especially when not making decisions make me feel at peace. I fully understand the reality that im juz running away from the crux of the problem when i do that. Some decisions have dateline, others dont. Not making decision is childishness, making the wrong decision is much much worse. See, i couldnt even made decision about making decision. Getting confused? So am i.


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