Hmm…sorta of tired with using friendster blog. WordPress looks so much better. I juz dun have the time to switch everything now. Mayb after the exam finishes, and i got all the time in the world. New blog with RSS 2.0. Anw….juz regular update and thoughts

Exam is coming to a uni near you…….GEt ready…mine is 6,7,8 november ( i swear, the science faculty must be on crack when they released these dates, for the sake of finishing marking early they sold us out, the student to study our ass off and die for those who cant endure 3 days and 3 nights of continuous studying). nuff complaining.

Spend my night yesterdae in the uni watching the flare dance productions, elements. I have to say that is my first time watching a dance production and i thoroughly enjoyed it, mayb coz it was contemporary( or the performer is people that i know). On purely objective side, the dance was really good, especially the one with 5 bands of cloth across the theatre. Oh well, i guess its worth that they are training so much for about one year for this once a year production. Even when the exam is coming near training are so frequent, nearly everday. (ooo…..i feel i wasted so much time compared to these people). wat else….hmm

i still have not bought my plane ticket. hahaha….gg. tomoz mayb. Until the exam finish i wont blog again, so probably good luck for everyone who have exam in the near weeks. May the force be with you.


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