The Final week

Been a rollercoaster ride here n there the past week. Sometimes i feel normal, sometimes i feel really stressed up and out, yet try to put a happy faces in front of my unknowing friends. Its a pain. I m not sure what i did wrong that you can treat me as if im invisible or like im some new stranger to you. Busy, stressed out? if there is anyone who is more stressed than me, come and show up coz my exam timetable pwnz ur ass for sure. Yet again, i still have time to reply people messages be it sms, or msn. Is it really that bad, that you cant even type something like 10 am, 2 pm, yes , no, thank you, or good nite. Not even a freakin word. Please, it take you less than 1 second to type a word ( like me). Never mind,  i share my pain with krapman, i dun think girls nowadays need a man anymore. They can be independent for all they like, study by themselves all they want, trying to show the world they can even if its hard. Why not you girls let us, good guys who are willing to share your burden to come and help you. Win win situation….or mayb not. -[acidz that doesnt burn anymore]


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