Closed Year

Today was my last exam of the year, finished with mixed feelings. I alwaes said to myself that watever path i chose to take in the coming weeks would be the right one that i would not have regret. Yet, in the end i still end up regretting that maybe it could have been better, mayb i was not studying hard enough or maybe my studying plan was really bad. All things being said, i acknowledge the fact that i was not giving my all in the semester. I did not do the tute works as i supposed to, barely tried to do the past year exam paper on myself and expect to pass chemistry armed with juz chemcal knowledge…hmm. This is a good lesson for everyone, chemcal helps a lot, but its not a substitute for you lecture notes. This coming from someone who allegedly going to fail his chemistry exam (or will nearly fail). Yet, to a certain extent, i was really fatigued…3 days of exam in a row for a uni level examination comprising of a whooping 96 lectures total, 500+ textbook pages and countless tutorial question is really tiring. I went to see my faculty office today and they said that there is nothing i can do about the exam timetable. I understand that the university have got a lot of students to consider, not everyone can be happy about the timetable they got. But perhaps, with a little logic in their head, they can understand that putting 2 science subject back to back is not a good thing.Its tiring to do one, its even more tiring to do one after another. Im not putting the blame on anyone, mayb i juz got myself to blame…..lets give it another try.

On closing note, this year was fairly bleak for me. I lost touch with countless friends i made just a year ago, even to a certain extent some of my closer friend (guess who). School was fairly ok, except for the dissapointing result from chem 2 semester consecutively others were fairly well…or so i hoped i have been. Finally, to those that feel i have done something wrong to them in this past one year, i apologize for my mistake and hope that i can amends for it and thank you for all the good luck wishes and prayers i received during this period. The nicname <<<[Acidzburns]>>> shall be put as my most  precious prize, and until i scored an H in chemistry, i shall not use it. With this, i closed another school year, a chapter that was rather gloomy and fairly boring in my life.


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