My 19th birthday soon

Yeah, talking about getting old huh. Last year of my teens and so what have i achieved? Not much i reckon. No sporting achievements to boast about, no gaming legends to talk about, no academic feats for people to wow at, no girlfriends on record while everyone is half-worrying i might be gay. None, zero, nil. So here i am sitting and thinking how should my next few years could be more worthwhile. So i joined the badminton club again, hoping in the least i could play in some kind of competition.

Anyway for those who knows when my birthday is, here is some of my gift wishlist and not in any particular order but i might indicate level of preferences.

1. For those not wanting to spend money, please write something about me on a birthday card or even your A4 writing pad  you can write as long as you want but preferably not so short.

2. April edition of Car Magazine

3. Final Fantasy 12 original game

4. Give me an idea of which new handphone i should buy and why (not 6288 coz my roomate has it)

5. Either xbox 360 or ps3

6. 26 inch hdtv to goes along with hdmi port (no 5 and 6 i dun think anybody ever gonna opt for that but i could hope).

Tell me where you guys wanna eat before hand, so i can plan ahead.

7. Anything that you think i might like (im suckers for extra collection of clothes so happy searching)


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