Worst dream ever and parents call

Yesterday night i probably had the worst dream ever that i wont soon forget. I dunno i was like in a house when these 2 people came and they were sort of being voodoo-ed by some witch doctor. So the story goes, these 2 people were out to kill me, i remember living in constant fear of being killed while around them. I cant remember the details but their eyes was probably most scary, with those black shades of possesed person with intention to kill, moving around ever so devilishly finding anything that could be used as a weapon. Mayb some of you thinks im crazy writing this down but oh wells up to you to judge.

Anw, parent juz called and they talked about the usual stuff yada-yada until…….my father suddenly pop-outs of nowhere that the excess kitchen utensils might be used by my bride to be. Yeah rite, dream on man. I have been single for 19 years, so its not gonna happen anytime soon. I have this bad luck with girls relationship around me. I seen my friends, past me one by one in getting involved in a relationship and as always me being the spectator. Not that im that sad about not having a girlfriend, but it have its advantages i guess. But me being me, has somehow managed to stay single for so long. Quite an unremarkable feat i muzt say. Such noobness. The only piece of information my parents didnt know was im not that hopeless in having friends who are a girl (making them into girlfriends is a different story). Are they feeling the pinch?lol.


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