Luck and good life

What defines a good life? The answer to that question pretty much rely on everyone else perception. Different people have different answer to a good life.

I met a drunk asian guy with his 5 other friends, that makes 3 girls and 3 guys. One of them with weird costume thingy, looks like ballet costume with wings at the back and absolutely inappropriate for the level of the cold that day. Some kind of booze must have helped to anti-freeze the body. Then he started talking to me. hows life, where do you stay, where you going, all those shit. He said i was lucky, i live so near the uni, unlike some people who have to walk or take transport to school. I guess in that particular field, i am lucky. But to tell me that i am lucky with that kind of vigour and expression, maybe not. I know i should not dwell on what is better described as spilt milk, but that should probably put me somewhere near the not so lucky group.

On the reverse side, i can also say that hes lucky. What a life he had. oh wells…it all boils down to perspective. And half of you will tell me, hes drunk man, wat the heck are you listening to him for? think about it.


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