The truth and nothing but the truth

Before i began, for those who hate looking at random post filled emotional rage, too much future thinking, dwell on the past and life of meaning please click the ‘x’ button on the top right corner of your favourite browser.

Its been 3 weeks, or more exactly 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours and 46 minutes. By now most people should think that im well over it, it depends you see. As long as im with friends or whatever, im fine. But leave me alone at home long enough (say 3 hours) and i will began to drift somewhere. Yes, call me pussyfied or wimps but oh wells, like the abbreviation amaihtsiisc , as much as i hate to say it i still care. Screw the thinking that nowadays you get over it fast. Oh wells, im different. N i gonna tell those who don’t know me a little more truth about me.

This is suppose to be the stuff that you guys should find out yourself, but since half bored, quarter pissed and quarter sleepy, i might as well say it here.Scientifically speaking, its difficult to see the real me, if you wanted me to be myself, i am going to tell you that i exist as a resonance structure. What you see is often the intermediate between the both. The structure itself is made up of outer shell of hydrophilic molecule with hydrophobic core. Forgive me for speaking in such a random manner. My structure also allows me to gather information rather quickly, albeit with the helps of multiple mRNA, tRNA, n rRNA. Sometimes too much information is not a good thing, and it will form a transposons, or in other words repeats, until im so sure of it.

and why now, why after all this has happened that the information just keep coming in, i know stuff that i probably should not care about.But this is a life of meaning, like Linderman said. Person with life of meaning dwell on the past and burden themselves thinking about the future. For times and again, now i know my report sheet are out, and truth to be told, i did suck at it.And if you manage to figure out what the hell i have been typing, i hope you understand. This is me, aries not ares nor ariel, your little friendly mermaid.


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