Pimped-Up police car

i was on the way home today, and was waiting at melbourne central tram stop with some other friends. Like the usual saturday night, the street is flooded with hot chics, and clubbers of all sorts. While keeping our eyes in tip-top condition and exercising our gamer reflexes to see a lot of stuff at once, we spotted a few chics worth looking at (well theres not much thing to do in tram stop you know).

Then, the next thing you know there is a police car in the intersection turning into swanston st. There is a few things odd about this event.

1. The window was down, and the two fat-ass police was doing the same thing as us, oogling at hot chics.

2. That was the first of the police car, the usual stuff, white paint, checkered vinyl with the sign, victorian police, a holden commodore v8 engined.

3. The next car is the same as above, but with a yellow paint and chequered vinyl with the sign HIGHWAY PATROL. It looks pretty cool. But wait this is not the best part yet.

4. The car behind that yellow highway patrol is guess what, A fuckin Chrysler 300 C, with 20 inch alloy wheel rims, so pimp, i hardly believe my eyes. Its black, its looking bad, 425 horsepower, 6.1 litre , V8, and the best part, its a POLICE CAR.Seriously i have never seen a chrysler 300 C police car ever. Prolly only the italian police can beat this pimp-daddy police, coz they got some serious power in the hood, with lamborghini murcielago highway patrol. You wouldnt want to be speeding on italian highway in your ferrari or 911 with the lambo filling up your rear-view mirror. Good luck running. Just for fun, the fastest speeding ticket in the world goes to the Koenigsegg CCR with speed of 242 mph i think (389 km/h)

Heres the more fun extract from wikipedia.

The driver Arthur Chirkinian was arrested and the car towed. His co-driver paid his bail and they retrieved the car from impound. While trying to catch up to the other gumballers the driver noticed smoke from the engine and his oil pressure was low. He pulled over to find his Oil cap had gone “missing” while it was impounded. Arthur Chirkinian hitched a ride to the local Volkswagen dealership where he purchased a brand new Volkswagen beetle and drove it to where his CCR was parked. He filled the CCR back up with oil and took the oil cap off the Beetle and put in on the CCR as that is the only oil cap that would fit his car. He then took off in hopes of catching everyone else, leaving a brand new Beetle on the side of the road with the doors unlocked and the key still in it . He caught up to the pack later that night in New Orleans.

Salute to the guy, only a Bugatti Veyron would get higher speeding ticket.


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