Where is the ‘wow’ vista?

for the past 2 weeks or so, my internet has been capped due to burst download limit, hope that might explain due inactivity in id6 and my blog.anyway here goes…

Windows Vista, 5 months or so on the market, has not been able to entice the advanced pc user in general (people like me included even) and most of the reviewers in magazine. Not too long ago i have some further experience using vista, having to install microsoft word 2007 on it, its been an absolute hell. From the continuous prompt pop-up confirming the installation, to the stylish but dysfunctional address bar, makes it hard for me to navigate the many partition in the hard drive.Sure vista looks darn nice when you see it. But the novelty wears off after probably 1 hour of use. A further use of probably 2-3 days would make me go crazy, its absolutely terrifying in a sense. Microsoft have to release its service pack soon if it wants more user to change to vista. I mean, probably the only reason why advanced user might need to go to vista is because of directx 10. Only because of directx10. I have no idea what microsoft is thinking, but if they are conjuring up something such as directx10 to save their hides because vista is such a failed product, they need more than just that to entice novice to medium level user.

Up to this point, the few things that vista can do that i cant do in windows xp might include, aero glass, time lapse, microsoft defender and some other non-essential stuff.

And the use of those shiny looking themes actually waste up your computer power. I m still considering buying a new computer because, on the one side i would rather have an infinitely customizable windows xp pro, and on the other side, i like to have directx10 which only vista can offer. Its not a surprise i have not joined the bandwagon of vista hording users.

The third party support for windows xp is amazing, even though people said its less secure OS, (which of course, to my liking, you can do a lot of pirated stuff in xp). Less secure originally, yes, but with superb third party support, i never had a computer as stable as this, and looks pretty darn close to vista as well (thx to xpize 4.6 and avedesk). For those vista user out there, i want to ask, who among you can get processes count (ctrl+alt+del) of 33 or less and still runs stably with all the  most used features on?

i guess the ‘WOW’ have not start for me yet.


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