The end of all things is near

This will likely be my last post of the year, a very uneventful blog (yes, i know). And a word of warning, this post is gonna be very long.

2007 no doubt has left me with many feelings and impressions, heightened my awareness, improve my manners, appreciation in fine dining, unfilled ambitions and fulfilled wishes and of course in spite of all the sorrows, has also been a year with waves after waves of blessing to accompany my darkest days.

I remember myself typing in this very computer at about the same time 2 years ago, and again a year ago. Its sort of a ritual, summarising all the events that occurs in a year, and as each year gone by, no doubt i have gain a further insight into each matters.

Now, with a graduation only a year away, work is not something that is far away in my mind anymore, it is looming in the horizon, like a spectre that haunts me every other day. And while thinking that i m gonna be doomed when i enter the workforce due to lack of experience in any part-time job/internship whatsoever, i have also come to the realization how the youth of today has changed so much.

I feel youth nowadays has too much on their minds at any one point of time. They studied hard throughout every single year of their life, trying to finish it off as young as they can, and that is only the beginning. Getting a driving licence at 16, internship at 17, start investing at 18, while at the same time doing our part for the community, spend time for our hobbies and interests, sloughing through each and every weekday studying in university with dreaded amount of essays on our table. Not forgetting we international students especially have to take care of our own, find our own food, have time to socialise and have enough time for religious activities. Last but not least, there are also unforeseeable events that you have to spare your time on, like relationship.You might think its all sort of unreal, yet i find this amazingly common. So much so that im appaled, lost for words and pressurized at the same time.

Just thinking about it is mind-boggling….try doing it.

When faced with similar situation, other people have advised that we only need to do the thing that is important, not what is urgent. But really, can you differentiate every single things into what is important and what is urgent. Usually the difference between the two is so gray, you dont even have an idea they were different in the first place. And yes, history were made with decisions, some quick some carefully thought out, but not all of them end up well. There are thousands of decisions we have to make each week, i wont even bother singling out which one is important and which one is urgent.

Well, moving on from that point, i have made a mental list of which things i need to do, quickly.

1. I have to get a driving license asap (wont take me too long)

2. I have to try to find to the best of my abilities, some internship that would take me in.

3. I have to leave time for unforeseeable matters.

4. I have to hone my investing skills.

With that sorted out, i will now move on to part 2 of my very long entry.

Yes, the social side of this year. (i swear, you probably seen it coming)

Out of all the year i have been, this year has got to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride. 1 day i m on top of things, the next day, i can be found 6 feet under.

I met and make many kind of new friends,

Those who have mastered the manipulation of english language, so much so that  even if im studying english for the next 100 years, i might not be able to write equally well ( due to lack of daily argument).

Those that  are kind enough to lend me a listening ear for all my problem, whether its real or only a mere figment of my imagination.

Those that opened their houses for my unexpected visits.

Those that shared meals with me over a dinner table

Those that superpoke me and filled my aquarium in facebook with fishes so full, they are actually dying.

Those that share their knowledge about hints, techniques and advices on  every single point of  a game.

Those that watches almost every single anime series that they filled up their entire hard drive.

Those that accompany me studying till the early hours of the morning.

Those that have so much passion for investing, they believe they can retire at 25.

Those that call themselves princess, rightfully so or not rightfully so.

Those who spoke behind my back.

Those who have broke my hearts.

and lastly

Those who have glued the pieces of my heart again.

To all of you, my deepest thanks and best wishes for you all taught me something no books can ever do.

With much peace, hope and love



One thought on “The end of all things is near

  1. Is this a tear I see in my eye?!

    I believe you’ve managed to break all our hearts with this post. Gj.

    This year’s been rough, hasn’t it? Honestly speaking, I don’t think I really got to know you till a few months into the year. Which, in its own little way, is rather incredible – because we’re such great friends! (Well, to me we are anyway)

    What else was I going to say…

    I hope the end of 2007 doesn’t hallmark an end of something dear to you. I’m glad that you’ve really thought through the year’s lessons (something I should be doing very soon), and that you’ve been courageous enough to face opposition even in times of strife.

    All in all, God bless for ’08. May we see each other in uni (!!!!!) and perhaps, meet up with the group for weekly lunches. :D


    PS: Our house is still open LOL.

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