The Last Hour

Finally it has come, the spectre that i dreaded for the last 2 years. Zeroing in on my 1s…

As i prepare to close a big chapter of my life, i have to say, the last 10 years should be marked as the year of radical change. I changed a lot, physically and mentally and emotionally. I have made a lot of wonderful friends, and on the opposite side lost a few too. Somehow now that i look back on all those 10 years, i realised things does happen for a reason. Things might not work out the first time you tried it, or the 2nd time or the 3rd time even, but if you are willing to change yourself, and your mindset and believe that one day your hard work will pay off, i think success will come.

So to break down, the last 10 years into separate 2 years sections.

10-12 years old.

Im still stuck in my primary school in indonesia, without much care of the world. I have quite a bit of fun, got people to do stuff for me, driven everywhere, and did well for my leaving examination. When i turned 12 and i realize i just finished my primary school i knew that i m going to go overseas. But then again, im still too young, so i didnt put a lot of thought in it until…..


I was 13 years old….and i finally landed myself on a tiny little piece of land called Singapore. I was at that age when i was massively curious (actually im curious all the time). I travel a lot on my own by public transport in singapore in the first year im there, so much so that i actually knew singapore better than the locals who lived their whole life there. But at 13 years old, i dont expect parents to let their kids go around the country on their own. Lol..but you see my parents arent with me.hahah…..the taste of freedom felt good until……I cried. I miss my parents a lot in the first year i was in singapore. I guess i took them for granted too much while i was back home.  Thankfully sometimes school and friends take my mind off it, you know misery needs company, so i started finding all the indonesians in my school and after a while i didnt feel so bad anymore. It was kind of gang/clique fellowship, but at least i feel safe that no one would touch me, becoz well…..unless you got like another 30 people with you, i wish you good luck.

When i was 14, i got hooked to computer gaming chiefly counterstrike..and used to play 4 hours on end. hahah..that was crazy since we are practically spent our weekend Lan-ning.

On the study part i haf to say that secondary 1 in singapore was nubcake. You can sleep through it and still aces pretty much everything, i think indonesian study style is too harsh on the kids, but on the flip side you do learn a lot. I would be hardpressed to think what i studied in primary but heres a breakdown of what i can remember.

On the biology side, we learned digestion, the eyes , the ears and the lungs and the heart system and a certain of its diseases. We also learn about vitamin and nutrition, and some diseases associated with it like rickets , beri-beri etc. I dont know if you guys will believe me, but until this day, i still use this same knowledge in third year uni. That was my primary school. And tts why first year of secondary was cake.


O man, hmm….by this period, i think most of you readers will know just what other stuff is going to happen. Yes, you are right, girls and problems associated with it. Bleah, 2 things, heartbreak…..hmm not very fun, 2nd….listening to people problems nets you a lot of friends.

Secondary 3, ok, i also start to hate this thing called A maths….seriously it messed up my life. I cant freaking figure it out. And i made the wrong choice to drop it at the end of secondary 3, which was a GIGANTIC mistake, because i have to take it again in college.

Secondary 4, hahah…yeah i met my best friend here. In the later half of secondary 4, and we are still best friend until now, not bad. I finished my o level with so-so result. Not exactly good for someone who breezed through first year. I guess all the girls and maths problem also haf an effect on this.


Arh….once again i flew away from the boring ass singapore, into melbourne. I started a new life here, because i thought oh wells its a new country, lets see what i can do when i change my attitude. And just that mindset change me to what i haf become today. I am less shy nowadays, even at times able to talk to strangers without thinking what to say for hours beforehand. I quickly made some new friends, trinity was the odd year. There are so many different people from different facets of life, and i think the only thing that was common in all of us, was that trinity students are basically quite well off(read: sufficiently rich enough to pay the stupid fees).

So i start seeing the whole of Saks 5th avenue, and collin street boutique on the school ground and the chief suspects are of course the girls. But on the whole trinity was fun for me, although some people might beg to differ ( you know who you are).

I also start to become more active in my apartment, i helped plan events and activities, sort of real world exposure, which isnt tt bad.

I finished trinity with a score of 82….which is hmm rather low. but i tried my best.

First year uni, nothing much happen really.


After spending so long growing up, i soon found out that im going to finish my whole education soon and so what do i do next. I began to expose myself to all sorts of stuff to see where i can make money from, and im once again back on the social side trying to make some more new friends coz somehow during first year i became a low profile person.hahah..i guess change of attitude does tire me at times.But im getting used to it.

Yea, a few heartbreak here n there, and somehow my friends are experiencing it too. So at least i got company.

I also began to go church regularly, and i find it at times helpful to have some greater being help me when i dont have anyone to talk to in odd hours of the morning. Its kinda relaxing. For the greater part of my life, im still who i am, its just that now im trying to make a relationship with God.

So yea, as my teens dawn to a close, i guess i should say thanks to everyone who made my life colourful in the past 10 years. It sucks being old, but this is life.



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