Clearing things up

Second Part

To everyone else, im sorry that i have been missing from many events and things that are happenings in church and missed dinners. I miss you guys, if i have more time i would definitely spend my time with all of you. Third year is just crazy, i have been stressed over and over and over again about university workload, and sadly there is nothing much i can do except putting up with it.

And for the lot of you thanks for hearing me out on times that im depressed over uni work. Special thanks the queen and princesses and a rabbit on monday because you guys get me back up again.

I have not done a proper thank you to everyone who wish me on my birthday so here it is.

Thanks to my family, to nicolas, davies, joseph, wei sung, gavin, nicole, audrey, angela, febe,victoria,sue ann,adrena, shalini, xiaoxi, elin, si en, yvonne, hannah, joshua ng, joshua ooi, kenny and krystal, jamie ooi, charmaine ooi, kathleen, thean, jon siow, eamon, azim, stella, chris wang, deborah, adel, alvin, ming fung, rebecca and daniel wong, jillian, antony, chow and erinna. Im grateful for all the presents, wishes and friendship offered over the years.

With much faith, hope and love



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