On feminism

Oh the good old feminism, a debate that would spurr endless hours of discussion whether its at starbucks or at a classroom.

Feminism has definitely seen a rise in recent decades with women fighting to the last stand for gender equality in everything. So far what have they gained? More access to education, wages equality, fair treatment in most aspect. It would be fair to say that the gain is definitely substantial, women holds high position nowadays and there is tons of them. They are unbelievably smart and for my own, i have to admit that i do get my ass handed down to a woman in arguments, damn a lot of times.

I have seen a few of my friends, being such a feminist that they were, because the underlying reasons that they become one is so fundamentally changing. Perhaps the families, where they were raised up favour the male a lot more than the females. Even in mine. That is why it is odd that when you found out, that this article was written by a guy. A guy whom three years ago argue so valiantly for the feminist side in a class debate and lost to a woman. For a long time i do not understand why girls need to be treated differently, their potential are massive, and personally without the help of some girls i definitely wont be the person i am now. Both academically and non-academically i am grateful. And i know they deserve to be treated equally.

Yet somehow recently, my view was shaken. Perhaps somewhere along the line of fighting for the feminist side i lost track of what feminism really means.What does feminism really means? Being a woman, or being a woman that wants to be treated like a man? And what made them become so pro-feminist movement?

As i discovered, the fundamentals that made them so feminist was probably due to upbringing. The very nature of parents who treat their male and female child inequally. it is okay to be a feminist to support the right cause, but there is also a limit to it.

Why does women thinks, feminist women thinks that they would give more chance to a guy who pays for first date. By their rule, wont going dutch would be the only sole option?

No wonder men couldnt understand what the fuss is feminism is all about, because the women doesnt not understand it themselves.

Perhaps it all comes down to evolution, back when the days that women finds a mate that are able to provide for them and protect them overwhelm their facade of feminism.It is the basic primal nature that they tried so hard to quell for the sake of winning a bloody argument.

An argument that would keep them single for a long while…



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