On parenting

Now now, im not a parents yet. Just a qualm or two i recently found with bad parenting.

I could never understand why asian parents (or parents in general) always push their kids to their absolute limit so that they would score high and heaven’s forbid, earn them respect at the huge family dinner table. See, my son so and so score this high etc etc. Rather than being a good parents and accept their kids abilities for what they are, they are making their kids stressed.

Worse still if you get high marks and your parents doesnt even flinch or give a pat on the back but when you fail, it is almost as bad as if you said to your parents you are accidentally pregnant. It is just not fair…thankfully my parents arent like that. But some of my close friends that i know have parents like that. Which is quite saddening really.

Not to boast or anything, the friends that i have rarely need materials gifts or presents. We are quite well off to buy stuff that we wanted.Except for big ticket items like car and house maybe.  Rewarding kids with material is not the same as showing them love. If you think it is, you are plain wrong. I would rather be respected for the amount of effort i put in, and for my parents to understand just how hard it is to get that kind of score on my own effort than you know show i get like H1 and they give me some money.

Everybody can gives you money, but only parents can give you parental love. It is just as simple as that.

I would never be that kind of parent. period.


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