Why you wont need a quad-core

After 6 months of using my system which would be considered relatively outdated by now, i have come to terms with vista and i have also realized something.

Computer specs nowadays are enough for most stuff, im only running a dual-core penryn e8400 at 3 Ghz and 2GB DDR 2  800 mhz ram but i have never felt anything sluggish. The only time my processor ever get stressed enough is when im running crysis on high settings at 1680×1050, but im quite proud of it since i have only got 8800 GT. Other more droolworthy system such as Skulltrail with tri-sli or dual 4870×2 cant even run crysis smoothly on 2560×1600, without even turning AA or AF on.

Which brings me to another point, i believe game graphics growth has stopped being exponential. Crysis, the game famous for bringing system down to its knees are already super realistic, and it has been out for nearly 2 years. None of the game i have seen within these 2 years can even closely match crysis graphics with exception perhaps crysis:warhead (duh). Much less beat it on its full glory. I constantly found myself stunned at the beautiful, albeit rendered beaches and palm trees on crysis, and enjoying the sunsets, while korean bastard lurking behind my cloaked ass. If you are an unfortunate person that have not experience crysis awesomeness i should recommend you to it.

On that note, i just think that game realism has almost reached its peak, you dont need a game that is more realistic than what crysis currently has to offer, and unless you are a budding architect/designer/scientists/running crysis/f@H 24 hours aday you dont need a silly system with power supply that is enough to power a small country and save yourself a few pretty pennies and get yourself laid while at it.




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