Acidzburns take on Far Cry 2

After playing for a good 8-9 hours and on 54% completion, i can finally make a review about far cry 2 and there is to it.

Graphics: Although initially dismayed by Dunia engine, because of the dullness of the african environments compared to tropical lush that is Crysis, i find Dunia engine works very well on my standard 8800 GT graphics card. I played on ultra high and the game run smoothly with all the eye candies, and once i reach the second part of the city it all looks quite beautiful. so its 9/10 for graphics.

Sound: sound is easy, its just plain suck and boring, most of the time you are alone there are some african dudes singing in the background, and then when you hit upon a guard post, they start beating drums and thats about it.

Gameplay: This part is also dissapointing. Far Cry 2 looks to be one of the most dissapointing most-awaited game of the year. It tries to be Grand Theft Auto in Africa and fails miserably. Yes, the plot is non-linear, you choose your own side, you choose your own mission, you can do gunshop mission and everything but in the end, you are playing a person that never talks a single word, doesnt interact with other people, and despite the gruesome reality of healing yourself by removing bullets wound and all that, you find yourself not needing water and food in holy freakin hot African desert, riding on an open top Land Rover. There are no jokes made, no fun mission, there are only go to this spot mission destroy <insert> or kill <insert>. The map is too huge for this kind of game. Just because you make a kickass map editor doesnt mean you have to add unnecessary spaces everywhere just to make the world looks huge. The airfield has no planes. The diamonds are often on top of rocks, train carriages, stuff that are far too tall for you to reach which is fuckin annoying in the ass. THE BUS STOP IS IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKIN NOWHERE……cmon ubisoft, you tried to be realistic BUT YOU FAIL. i have never seen a single person in the bus stop, or in the gunshop, or in the bar. Simply said, there are no unnecessary people, only your buddies and enemies.

The gunshop mission are boring, i unlocked all the guns, and the drill is all the same, go to find the convoy and rocket launcher it and your done. The mission itself takes you 5 seconds at worst and a minute even if you are retarded, but the driving takes you 20 minutes.fuckin retarded. If you swim for too long underwater without Nomad’s awesome nanosuit, you dont die. And in Far cry 2, men grow on trees, and they grow from baby to adulthood in 5 minutes. The only 2 women i seen in the game are michelle and flora and you cant do anything with them or to them. There are no funny jokes or pun in the whole game at all. Its all seriousness and plain monotonous until you get bored to death. I played till 54 percent so tt i can unlock the weapons and i guess thats where i should end playing it.

So bottomw line: gameplay epic fail……go get yourself a GTA IV and you will be thanking me.


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