Acidzburns’ holy grail week of life learning

I must say what an emotional rollercoaster this week has been, i have probably been in the lowest state of my life ever, and irrefutably, through times like that, do you learn the most out of life. As cliche as the old adage sound, what doesnt kill you make you stronger (or smarter), its true.

Heres a few fact i have discovered in this week.

1.To be able to get out of a stressful situation, you must not be stressed in the first place, otherwise you will reach an even more stressful situation you cant get out of because you made a mistake when your brain was not thinking properly.

2. In order to be happy most of the time, have as low expectation as possible, then no matter what happens, it will almost always be better than what you expected.

You might think that the above is quite stupid. Its like saying i have no goals in life so i wont be dissapointed, or that i have no expectation of the food in a restaurant, so even if its full of nasty bugs that just jump in, i wont be dissapointed. But even if it is stupid, can you argue that no matter what, you cant be dissapointed?

But to put it into more relevant context, lets say with people. Everyone will fails you sometimes, because nobody is perfect. Your wife or husband will fail you, your girlfriend/boyfriend will fail you, your mom and dad will fail you, your best friend will fail you, your dog will eventually fail you and although i might be struck dead saying this, perhaps even God will fail you, because you are imperfect and you dont have patience to wait for him to fulfill His promises, and finally you will fail yourself.

3. Quite a number of women are irrational creatures and quite a number of men are rational creatures. When these 2 types of people try to solve a relationship, there is a few things you can do. One women must try to be more rational, or men has to try to be less rational. Second, if you do not know why that is the case, just dont do anything, let time solve the problem. Otherwise every single move you make will make things worse.

4. If a stupid philosopher writes an unbelievable cheap and stupid writing yet, because hes so cheap you cant argue with him, then follow him.



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