Life is a Journey

The past 1 and half months has been a monster rollercoaster ride in all sense of the word for me. I have been really challenged in terms of relationship, in terms of religious faith, and been swaying around here and there because i have not confirmed my place of residence for 2009. I went through a break-up with a person whom i have known for 7 years, and has also been a close friend of mine. On top of that, i have to settle my temporary residency in Australia by myself, having just graduated,  i only has 3 months to do it before my student visa expires.And as we all know, recession is still hitting hard, and my job prospect are not looking very bright.

But thankfully today, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel, everything is going smoothly so far for my visa application, and if this continues, i might just be allowed to stay in melbourne.

So i will take this moment to say thanks to the people who have kept me alive both physically and spiritually, and all the help and companion they have given me in these difficult times.

Special thanks to

Joshua ooi and Hannah Ooi


Jenna Yong

Sylvia Mahara

Victoria Leong

Nicolas cheng

Rebecca Wong

Thean Teh

Jon Siow

Daryll See Toh

Ming Fung


Angela Minn

Davies and Joseph Lim

Wei Sung

Adrena Lee

Pei Shan

and finally

my mum, my dad and my 2 sisters

Without all the help you guys have given me, Im sure there are a lot worse things that could happen to me.

Life is indeed a journey, and as i have experienced, its not only better to do it together, its darn near impossible.


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