Some thoughts of the economic crisis

Okay, so i just turned 21 and well, i havent got a proper party yet, and still no job.

But amidst the flood of bad news, i realize something about the economic crisis that other people probably have not, due to me frequenting job site such as seek and careerone.
Number 1. There are always jobs…is just that probably there were more jobs in the past than now. Its just that on general at least a 100 jobs are created everyday. Some industry that people thought were worst hit (such as finance and banking industry) still have prominent position at two of melbourne biggest careers fair, in arguably the country worst recession ever. So i dont really see what the fuss is all about.
It seems to me that the media is milking the recession for whatever its worth, depicting countries going bankrupt and homeless people in japan living in cybercafe. Statistically, these depiction are what we call statistical noise, that the actual numbers suffering from the bouts of economic crisis seems much more inflated, and thanks to the media, in your face as well.
So for those who are still looking for job like me, dont be discouraged yet. There are opportunities around.


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