At the Crossroads

The last 2 months or so of my life has been spent writing resumes, waiting for replies, catching up with old old friends, moving house and lastly, long and arduous thinking about where my life is going at this point.

Right after university ended my life went into nothing short of chaotic. I have no plans, no jobs, no clear residency status in Australia, and an uncertain future, in which my parents has decided that i have full authority to decide where my life is going.

Before i go into explaining why being at the crossroads is so hard, let me tell you a few background information into how this all came about.

When i was 12 years old, me and my father made a plan about myself, i would go overseas to singapore to study my secondary school, complete the secondary school there, go to foundation studies in australia and get into a respectable uni. That was my education plan and boy did i not miss a single step of it. I completed all my education fairly well, and the last few years before my uni life ended i have always been worrying about what will happen next.

I am the type of person who likes to plan out stuff and plan out well, and without a proper plan i was in chaos. Notwithstanding a significant chaos factor last year, which was my ex-gf, i am now back to where I was before, free to do what i wanted. I saw my friends applying for honours and masters, and in the end i didnt apply for either because i wanted to gain some real world work experience. I was of course naive but not stupid. I graduated in the middle of the worst economic crisis the world has seen in decades, and although i have only been looking for jobs for 3 weeks, i knew my chances at securing a full time science or research jobs was slim. But like i always do, I had to try. I never gave up unless I found my limits, when i found my face looking at a solid brick of wall in front of me. I gave myself until mid-june.

I was trying, even though not as hard as I could. I attended careers fair and information session and reviews session, but i still have not sent that many resumes out yet. I promised to myself that next week i would really try hard if this sunday interview didnt go well. That aside, i was also considering going back to uni to further my study or study something else that i would probably like.

And therein lies my problem. I dont really know which one of the multitudes of interest that i would like to do as a profession. Normal people call me nerds because indeed I am one of them. I build my own computers, tweak around OS settings, get stuff working for other people when it broke and so on. I do like doing that.

But equally well, i like reading economics books, i like to feel my heart pounding at making every quick decision to save money or make money in the market, i love thinking around business models and plans.

And lastly those who know me, knew that what i study in Uni was neither of the two, I am a Biochemist, something like a protein scientist to be exact. And i am pretty good at that as well.

But i think today after reading a thoroughly exciting and enjoyable book by Tim Harford called the undercover economist, I am confident and sure that my long term future is not going to be behind some chemistry labs, analyzing proteins quanta, and designing carbon chains to make them connect better with each other. From my previous conversation with 2 career advisors and another psychologist next week, i am pretty sure i would rather be a businessman, that perhaps could open a computer/software company or sell biochemistry product.

It is because of this reason, that with an almost heavy heart that i will tell you all who cared, that i will almost certainly leave this country eventually. I will return someday, and for those who are still around that day, we could have a meal or two.


One thought on “At the Crossroads

  1. so i suppose you’re still waiting for a reply?
    It’s actually good to plan ahead, and you did as planned. As for me, sometimes my plans don’t work out. But now, i guess it is rather on track for me, as I’m on my plan.
    All the best. A good offer will come your way.

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