To build or not to build your own desktop system

By Acidzburns,

It is not unusual to go to a famous gadget blog like engadget and finding people writing I can build so and so system for x amount rather than having stupid x manufacturer build it.

Therefore I would attempt to address this remark.

Building Your Own Computer

Firstly, computer building has become so universally easy with self-help books, pc hardware websites, performance reviews in the most varied metrics imaginable and shopping bots listing out the cheapest price for you to choose your favourite parts. And let’s be honest here, how many of you who make your own desktop actually use genuine Microsoft OS? Ultimate I hear? That’s over 200 AUD my friend. So taking OS price into account let’s look at some examples I gathered here and using cheapest available parts in Melbourne from various PC stores as of 21 April 2009.

Example 1: Dell XPS 630 Total Price AUD 1999        and           Self-Build P45 system Total Price AUD 1600


As we can see from the above comparison and putting the value of time required for you to build of AUD 100, you still stand to save close to 200 dollars on an equivalent Dell XPS 630 System and the parts list that I have chosen generally receives high reviews score so they are nothing to scoff at.

Example 2:

iBuyPower Terminator X-58 Total Price AUD 3163             and Self-Build X58 System Price AUD 2666


This comparison is much better than the previous one because I was able to get exact same parts for everything and here the price difference is AUD 500. Again putting value of time as 100 AUD, you still stand to save about 400 AUD which you can spend on decent monitor and speakers to complete your setup.


So of course some of you might come and say, there is a peace of mind that came with pre-built system because I know that everything is going to work right out of the box and you have 2-3 years warranty if something goes wrong. And for most of you the pre-built system is the one that you are going to get.

I have absolutely nothing against that other than the fact that each of these parts has warranty that is usually longer than what your pre-built system came with. Memory has lifetime warranty, motherboard over 3 years, graphic cards over 3 years to lifetime, hard drive 3 years or more, PSU over 5 years. The fact of the matter is, it is just equally as safe if you know what you are doing because you are covered. It doesn’t mean that your DIY system has no protection.

Personally for me, I think I’m going to choose to build my own system for some time to come and it’s simply much more exciting and satisfactory than waiting for the Dell box to arrive on your doorstep.

Prices for this review are obtained from, and


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