Swine Flu Google Map

I feel compelled to write this on my blog to do my part in helping humans survive the menace that is swine flu. So here is an updated google map showing swine flu spreading across the world. Hope you can all put this to some good work in preparing yourself and your families against this threat.

And yea, for those interested Swine flu biological code is H1N1 and Avian flu is H5N1. At the moment there is no vaccine available, but since the world has dealt with avian flu before, and as you can see as the nomenclature is pretty similar (probably differ in the active site of the virus) developing a vaccine is not an issue, but large scale production would be.

So here is to hoping that we all survive this together.

Update: Time Magazine has posted a great article on Top 5 things of What not to do during the swine flu outbreak. Read the full article here

[Swine Flu Google Maps]


2 thoughts on “Swine Flu Google Map

  1. Alright, i just read through the entire article. That forecast was a bit outdated since as of Wednesday the WHO has increased the threat level of swine flu to Level 5, which meant that pandemic is indeed imminent.
    It has been a while since anything came close to level 5, but if what the article said is true, there are apparently variant of the virus that were less virulent. This can be either a good or bad news.
    Firstly because there maybe multiple strain of the virus to deal with (developing vaccine)
    Secondly, it could be good if most of the strand are not lethal.
    Rest assured, even with globalisation and a shrinking world, we are better equipped than ever to deal with such threat, and i am sure any pharmaceutical company worth their salt would be putting all their effort into making the vaccine ASAP.

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