Windows 7 RC 1 evaluation

Finally i got on to work with windows 7 RC 1 after a horrible day of bad partitioning. Other than that Windows 7 RC 1 has worked like a charm and i managed to configure everything i needed for daily usage.

So here is the few thing that i like :

1. The SuperBar is awesome

The SuperBar will keep your taskbar clutter free, and the live preview is much much more responsive and usable than it did on Vista.

windows 7 RC 1-1

2. Windows 7 is really fast

I used windows 7 on my e8400 machine with 2 GB of DDR 2 RAM and a fresh WD 640 GB and it works very fast. I loaded windows a bare 2 seconds after the sound cames on. On vista on a fresh install it took me 7 of those sliding loading bar to cross my screen before vista loaded and then some more loading on desktop. Windows 7 also uses far less memory than on vista even though the Aero effect is about the same (different but the same)

3. Windows 7 plays well with your peripherals

Here is one thing i really noticed before the installation of 7 finishes, which is the driver for video card was much better on the standard setup than any previous iteration on windows. It loaded me correctly on 1680x 1050 and when tested on Windows Experience Index, scored 5.9 WITHOUT any Nvidia driver installed yet. It also detects your motherboard, mouse and keyboard, monitor and printer as well. So i didnt need to install most of my standard drivers.

4. Windows 7 lets you turn off completely User Account Control

When you click on your display picture, there is a setting where it lets you to turn off all notification. This was one of my biggest gripe in Vista, which keeps nagging at me far worse than any mum or gf would. It took a bit of workaround in Vista, which is to use administrator account, but in 7 you just slide the bar down and you are done.

UAC Windows 75. Software Support from 3rd Party

Although Windows 7 RC 1 is still a pre-release, i have managed to get the applications that i use the most to work. Here is some of the list of application that i have used that work.

– Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise

– Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10

– uTorrent

-Internet Download Manager 5.16

– Nvidia Forceware Driver 185.81

– Media Player Classic Homecinema with CCCP

-Windows Live Messenger 2009

-Windows Live Mail


-Magic ISO


So all in all i am pretty happy with Windows 7, and with this kind of early software support from developers, i am pretty content. Windows 7 has been a slick experience so far.

That said, for those who considers upgrading from Vista, if your computer were really powerful when using Vista, you might see less benefit of transferring to Windows 7. But for those who are on lower system specs and are using XP or Vista, Windows 7 is a very very welcome change.

There are some guides out there to help you migrate to 7 or dual-boot with it, but from my experience, fresh install on a fresh drive is still the best.

If you need any help in problem with using the software i mentioned above in Windows 7 RC 1, give me a mail and i will try to help.

Update: I think my first hunch were warranted. After one and half weeks of use, i felt that Windows 7 is nothing much more than an upgraded Windows Vista. I finally began to get around the majority of RC users like me who quoted Win 7 is how Vista should have been.  The amount of change is minimal, and if i already have Vista Ultimate and Win 7 Ultimate cost roughly 200 AUD, i dont think i personally would go out and buy it. Its just not worth that much.

A good analogy for you mac user would be like saying that Snow Leopard is how OSX should have been from the start.


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