App of the Month- Wolfram Alpha

It would be good if i can churn out something like app of the month award, but since i do not work for any of a big name journalism site, i would simply present you acidzburns’ App of The Month Award.

And it goes to Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is not a desktop bound application. It much like a search engine, except its a search engine that tells you exactly what you are searching for.

On a typical search engine like google, if you search for say cholesterol you will get a result like Picture 1, but on Wolfram Alpha if you search for Cholesterol you get a whole lot of useful information straight from their web, like 3D structure, molecular filled model, chemical bonds and formula (picture 2).

Google cholesterolWolfram Alpha cholesterol
There is a lot of information on their website, and a lot of examples in a neat Web 2.0 style-esque layouts. Essentially what Wolfram Alpha hopes to achieve is a search result that is far more usable than standard search result, especially for something like the example above.

Some other uses Wolfram Alpha have include comparing between 2 stocks side by side, Inputting complex mathematical equations, computing life expectancy and significance from your date of birth, displaying your hometown statistic such as population size, longitude and latitude, displaying nucleic acid bases and structures such as growth hormone receptor and cholesterol, displaying integration result in graph, displaying statistic of word used,typed, and the amount of time it takes for a normal human to read a piece of essay or text and residential cooling load for civil engineers.

The amount of uses Wolfram Alpha possess is staggering. I would be more than glad to have this kind of tool during my university years as a biochemist.

I do not only recommend this to everyone, I am saying that absolutely everyone MUST try this.


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