Contemporary Netbook power vs Desktop

I have been looking for a spare netbook to carry around, since i already have a decent desktop. I never really keep-up with the waves of Asus eees, Acer Aspire Ones, or whatever different-but the same-netbook from all major manufacturer, so i was quite shocked to note that Dell Latitude 2100 reviewed at Laptopmag here has a 3Dmark06 score of 122.

A freakin 122 score in this day and age is simply appaling.It would be totally unfair to put a 4.2 pounds netbook against a full-featured desktop, but i will just put it here for illustration. My desktop has over 10800 points in 3Dmark 06. This would be quite a low-end for desktop nowadays. A top of the line desktop would score somewhere north of 23000.

10000/100= 100 x the graphics power.

On another note, gaming laptop such as Gateway P-7807u FX scored 9636 points on 3dmark06, easily besting lots of desktop, and the list price is easy to chew as well, 1400 USD.

I hope with the Ion platform on the horizon, netbook would have a marked improvement in at least graphic capability. For now 122 points is just dissapointing.


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