Mass Effect PC opinion



Mass Effect storyline is compelling, and each character has a deep history that you can gain insight into by talking to each of your crew members and important people you met during storyline mission.You play as Commander Shepard, humanity best shot at getting their place into a elite intergalactic military squad called the Spectre. One of the spectre has gone rogue, and you are tasked with finding ways to take him down, which of course chasing his trail all over the galaxy.


I felt the gameplay was somewhat dissapointing. You are playing in a game world where every technology ever conceived by man is present, including faster than light travel with an element they call element zero and dreadnought that shot 1 kg slugs with the power of Hiroshima bombs, but you and your elite crew members are only given what i would call ancient weaponry in otherwise futuristic gameworld. It is akin to battling using clubs and hammer in COD 4. The weapons are substandard, your usual run of the mill assault rifle, pistol, shotgun and sniper rifle, with slightly enhanced conventional rounds. Even in the world of Unreal II (a game that was released 5-6 years ago) the weapons was much more exciting. Multi-targeting homing missile launcher, 5-barreled grenade launcher with 5 different grenades types to mention a few and all weapons have primary and secondary function. Not so here.

I think instead of providing substandard weapons, and useless weapons skills, BioWare should just give players full skill of all weapons used, and create more exciting skills, like equipping powers as done in BioShock.

There is little point in doing the side quest. Most of them provide small nuggets such as mineral that give you 3000 in game credits. You rarely need these credits at all. The game provide weapons at almost every mission level and they are generally as good if not better from those you bought. Omni-gel are useless, basically if you failed at decrypting, just reload the game and you save your omni-gel.

Your teammates are okay, but you still need to direct them a lot times for them to do stuff properly.


I felt that the game was severely let down by substandard weapons, and the fact that you need to learn weapons skills to make your weapons usable. It just doesn’t add any value at all. If any, it makes the game incredibly annoying by the constant overheat warning, incredibly large crosshair the size of my 22’inch screen and annoyance that your teammate didn’t use their weapons as well as you could possibly could.


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