This is how the big companies duke it out: The Google Voice debacle

The only reason why I am putting this article out for my readers is not because I am a customer for Google voice on the Iphone. Heck i dont even own one. But because it is simply hilarious when big companies fight each other in an all out-war using every power available at their disposal.

So here is the brief of the story.

About 6 weeks ago, the Google Voice apps on the Iphone was removed by AppStore on the basis that it duplicates features available on the Iphone. The GV apps has been on the AppStore for the past 6 months, and by no means it was the only apps that offer that kind of feature. But nevertheless the article here detailing the conversation between GV developer and Iphone representative for them indicates that the developer got screwed.

In retaliation to Apple screwing them over without a clear indication of why, and the unfairness and unprofessional handling of their removal, Google Vice President of Search Product and User Executive, Marissa Mayer posted a tweet link to a piece of satirical article and completely hilarious article about Google removing Apple from its search index. Marissa simply said since “ duplicates a lot of functionality from other sites“.

In other news, Steve Jobs said that Safari might use a new search provider and Marissa Mayer responded by saying “Oooh, I’m shaking”.

In the result of this debacle, Apple stock fell yesterday.

NP: Pardon that some of the words i posted here duplicates the second link, because I fear the article might be removed.


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