God’s little presents

Today cant be considered a nice day. The sky was bleak, the cloud gathers in their masses and the weather chilly. It is a perfect weather for a funeral, but certainly not the perfect weather to go out and explore the city. Reading a book however, t’was pretty good for that.

I finished reading Benioff’s superb book, the city of thieves, the story of a looter and a deserter on a search for the colonel’s dozen of eggs. Such simple mission, such colossal journey and epic consequences. The story of the character heroes, and the world war II Russia lingered in my mind long after I turned the last page. And i thought my feast for reading today has well and truly ended.

Like most poetic cliche, my day however, presented yet a little more treasure, a present for my rarely thirsty reading appetite. I stumbled upon 10 greatest real life heroes that beat any of a game character counterpart in offical playstation magazine. Rarely a place to find something. Yet the first 2 heroes presented was Simo Hayha aka The White Death and Gregory Rasputin. The first one was especially notable because in the book i read earlier this morning, the character protagonist, a coward throughout most of his life until that fateful day on the first week of the first month, met his wife, an excellent sniper who aspired to break Simo Hayha record.

Simo Hayha was a Finnish sniper, who had 505 confirmed sniper kills, and 200 confirmed sub-machinegun kills for anyone fast enough to catch him in close quarters. He was a legend, so much so the soviets put 100,000 ruble bounty on his head. In those war times, 100,000 ruble was an enormous amount of money, considering you can get probably guns as cheap as 8 ruble, food for around 200, but then food was worth their weight in gold in those times. The soviets tried a various method to take him out, making a mission just to take out a single guy. They sent companies, he killed them all. The soviets had enough, they sent a group of snipers to take him out, he killed them too. Eventually the soviets fired artilerry shots at him, and he survived to live till he was 97. He was probably the greatest sniper in history.

Vika, the woman sniper who eventually became Lev Abramovich wife’s in City of Thieves had killed a lot of men, shots their head while they run from 400 metres away. Strange, a coward ended up with a lioness, who would’ve thought. Nonetheless, she admired Simo Hayha, that living legend.

I seem to have drifted off in telling the treasures i found today. But this wasnt the first time I found coincidences like this. It seems like it was all planned from that man above. Likes to give his children some gifts that guy.  It seems odd, no matter whether i’m far or i’m close to Him spiritually, He looks after me. I wished He will grant my prayer for a friend in need.

Who knows, I might just get a bit of light shining my way.



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