I read through my GMAT prep book about avoiding cliches. It is refreshing to read a how-to book written in such a novel manner.

This is the excerpt for avoiding cliches

‘In an essay, however, especially one that is supposed to demonstrate your unique cast of mind, you must avoid cliches like the plague. “Like the plague,” in fact, is one you should avoid, along with other secondhand phrases and expressions like the bottom line, how does that sit with you, to touch base with, off the top of my head, I’m outta here, a point well taken, two sides of the same coin, getting psyched, go off the deep end, life in the fast lane, for openers, flipped out, get off my back, get a life!, super, so amazing, at the cutting edge of, and would you believe, would you believe?

Using such trite phrases and expressions declares that you’d rather borrow what someones else has said than think of something on your own. Spewing one cliche after another is the sign of a poverty-stricken mind’ – GMAT test book

point taken, im getting psyched, flipping out and would rather get a life outside to be a super amazing person at the cutting edge of something, build an empire maybe. Instead I’m rotting at the deep end of my cave and would you believe, unemployed.

yes, a point well taken indeed. I am in big trouble.


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