Acidz’s life FAQs

Its been a while since i last wrote my entry and some of my close friends have began to ask why haven’t I updated anything about myself. Well, it seems like the event in the past few weeks was considered big enough to warrant their entry into my annual end-of-year note round-up. That is my most significant, and my most well-worded blog entry of the entire year and unfortunately i only have one chance a year to write it, otherwise it wont be fun anymore. Secondly, i dont really have anything to update with. So i prepared a FAQs for those who wanted to know how am i doing.


1.  Have i got a job yet?

No. If i did, i would tell the whole world about it within the next 10 minutes.

2. Do you cook?

Not really. I will only cook if i know im cooking for more than one person, i.e myself.

3.What do you do in your free time since you are…..very free?

Well, I do what everyone else does in their free time. Read book, watch movies, go out and try new restaurant, take photographs, hang out with friends.

4.What is one quality of yourself that you like to get rid of.

I take comments too seriously sometimes. Its not good for health. Thankfully, i’m not as bad as i used to be.

another one is, i should be more sensitive to my surroundings. I can be a bit tactless to public properties.

5.What kind of books do you like to read?


6. Are you the tech guy that ppl calls when they have problem with computers?


7. Why do you like living in melbourne?

Melbourne is like a living, breathing, mother of a city. You love her when she showered you with good weather, while you sip coffee at Starbucks. You get angry at her for suddenly changing the weather when she gets PMS. She has secrets hidden everywhere, it took you years to discover all of them. Her people are nice, ready for conversations when they are drunk or sober.Heck even the bus drivers are nice. They made up for happiness lost while waiting for a bus. Plenty of good restaurants, plenty of good photographs to take. And lastly, everyone came from all over the world to melbourne. I met so many good friends here. Most of them are intellectual people, interesting and in some way different from what i used to meet before i came here. Most of them are relatively well-off, but almost none are bragging about it. Such good friends and such knowledgeable people. Its really the icing on the cake.

I love melbourne, and i love you guys..


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