The stake has escalated…

and it has come down to either trying my best or get swept in the current…

As of time of writing, i still has no job yet. The economy isnt helping, the channel runs dry,  and the stake has gotten much much bigger.

It seems that if I do not make a clear choice by the end of this month and try my hardest to get a job I would have to leave melbourne. Possibly with the chance that I might not come back.

Some of you might think, perhaps returning back is not such a bad choice after all. My family is there, I have a business to take care of, and i would instantly be 36000 AUD a year better off for every single year i am there.

But the sad truth of the matter is, while i have no human love interest, i have come to love melbourne quite a lot. Perhaps my ideals is naive, perhaps the friends i have over here will dwindle, but even through all that, I am willing to bet that my lifestyle here would be infinitely better than in any cities in Indonesia.

Thus, the challenge has cometh. Can i rise up to it?..or fall under the mighty current?


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