1st week back in Indonesia

It has been nearly a week since i been back here,  and i know i havent updated this blog in such a long long time.

The past few weeks i have been busy going out, packing my stuff, having farewell lunch/dinner with multiple friends and finally i flew back here to indonesia.

There are a lot of thing i want to do, things i felt i owe myself because i havent been working the entire year. But being back here reminds me of what I do dislike about this place. That is, everyone here is unethical. The workers is unethical, the drivers and motorbike riders are insane, the supplier is batshit delusional and the weather is an absolute dog.

Trying to do stuff according to the rules here verge on the unattainable. Driving here puts my life in great mortal peril, motorcycle cutting lanes as if the road were owned by their forefathers, and then there is jaywalkers. And stupid minibuses which stops wherever they damn well please, and absolutely nobody gives way to pedestrian on zebra cross.

Aside from the catastrophic traffic condition, this week marked an important event in Indonesia’s history. Our country president is re-elected for the second time, and he chose his ministers this week. Many of them are capable, credible people but equally as many of the ministers are just there as token minister, so that other minor political parties can shut their mouth up. I guess this is one thing about politic, there is always somebody wanting to shoot you down, even if they know there are better people for their job, people who can turn this country around to where it should be.

I do have expectations for this cabinet, they have done quite well in the past 5 years, and i hope they can do well this time too.

In the meantime, I have been trying to find stuff i can do trading with, but as usual it proves to be difficult. There are a lot of opportunities abound, i just have to know where to look, and most of the times looking at the right places is the most difficult thing.

To all my friends in Melbourne, i hope you guys are doing well and i wish you good luck in the upcoming exams. Hope to see you guys again next year.



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