Acidz’s end of year entry

This is truly the end of year entry. In the past 5 years all my end of year entry was written in around november, but I suppose i was being a bit lazy this time.

Before i start, i should mark this blog with a disclaimer: this entry is going to be long

Like any other year before this, some things never change, like my weight (still at bloody 50), shortage of close proximity (SCP) theory, the good old melbourne and the remarkably good friends that i am honored to still have to this day.

Other things however, they did.

I think being 21, a graduate and unemployed is not exactly a nice situation to be in. There is a lot of pressure and stigma associated with having the 3 categories above.  Some people say that i am wasting too much time slacking and not looking for job, which to their credit, partly true.  Others say its okay to be jobless in a difficult year, but seeing as how many of your friends secured one, there is a certain pressure that perhaps i am not good enough for the workforce yet.In all i have applied to over 80 jobs applications of all kinds and with little results. And that is that.

Being unemployed does teach you some stuff though, first is, the world is unfair. It has always been unfair, and it will continue to be unfair. Its up to me, to make the best of the cards i got in hand. Second,  it teaches you how to spend less money, because its not easy to earn, and lastly, it teaches you how to hold your head down a bit after seeing reality.

The last is especially important to me. For some years, a few of my friends has nicknamed me ‘Putra” or prince in malay. I will not lie that sometimes i have an attitude problem that i often dont realize. I want to have my opinion accepted, my choice of restaurant without question, insensitive to how others might feel towards what i did. Thankfully enough, there are a small group of friends who always reminded me of this. They told me off at every opportunity, and kindly explain what i did wrong. And, I hope with their advices, and some lessons from being unemployed has made me a much better person.

The second big lesson i had learned this year is that in this life, you will have to make difficult, life-changing choices.

Stemming from my perpetual employment, and with blessing and encouragement from friends, i decided to look for opportunities overseas. I travelled around to Hong Kong, and many cities in Indonesia, and truly opportunities are abound.

If anybody can tell you how much I like being in melbourne, it would be me. I have written countless blog entries, and take thousands of photos in Melbourne, and its where most of my friends are. I love the constantly-changing weather, the fresh air, even the tapwater which taste better than many bottled water i can get at my hometown.  Nevertheless, i think a corporate career is not promising enough in the long term, and that is if i can actually get my foot in the door which is insanely difficult for the average person like me.

So after i conducted the numerous travelling trips around the country, I knew that opportunities where i came from is much better. It wont be an overstatement if i said, you can practically do almost anything and make quite a bit of money, as long as you know where to set up your shop. Location, is everything in here. What makes it so versatile is that because the market segmentation between cities is very very clear cut. Wealthier people lives in bigger cities, the mid-income at a smaller cities and so on.

Money aside, despite the flood of wealth to the upper class in the past few years, the wealth gap is stupidly large. 73 millions people are living below the poverty line. The people that barely just made it is quite huge as well. That puts about half of this country population that can hardly improve their standard of living. It seems to me, that I can at least do my part to alleviate some of the problems, perhaps starting by improving the quality of life of employees.

It is a huge step to take forward, and its a huge sacrifice that i might need to make, to which i can only hope the continual support, encouragement, blessings and prayers of many of the great friends that i have will help making my goals a little easier to achieve.

With that, I wish everyone a happy new year tomorrow, and a new year full of adventures!



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