Its time for me to go to work

The past few weeks saw me in master of business school, slogging it out day-ins day-out to finish all the assignment i have received.

Frankly speaking, the deadline given for all the assignments was quite reasonable, yet, it is only possible for the students to finish it, if you follow a strict time management policy (roughly 1 week to an assignment).

Somehow because of the 2 months intense training, I somewhat forgotten how to have a good time at home (i.e. playing games). I have far more games and far better equipment to play it than at any other time in my life, and i just cant be motivated to play them. Coming from somebody who has played games for pretty much the past 15 years of his life, this surely is a rather big change.

Other than that, last sunday sermon was a kind of a revelation. It is immediately obvious that what the speakers said about his often short-tempered,wife-abusing past is true. And for a person to be able to turn into a true Christian almost overnight after years and years of being framed in a harsh business mindset, was exactly the kind of revelation i needed to hear. It is the kind of example i have been looking for. A successful businessman, who is finally able to run something in a morally and religiously correct ways, while having time to spend with his family, all thanks to God.

My heart grew bigger with each passing example and experience in my daily life. It feels like today, I can finally look myself in the eye and say, you are finally ready to move on from this stage, to start working for the goal i had in mind. Not only an empire for myself, but an empire for those who needs it. I hope i have His guidance in the years to come to do what is right in a world that has gotten far too cruel.



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