This week has been a pretty good week so far. So many things happened, and mostly good.

Sermon for both sundays was so good that i thought it was tailored for myself.

Had a busy day on monday, but lecturer gave a week extension.

Tuesday was great. Beaten down in three important argument by two friends, but i learnt a lot.

That fateful night, i was discussing about what i am going to do a year from now, and pretty much still confused between staying here and going back to Indonesia. A housemate of mine told me to just focus my energy on one, and if by the end of the day (which is the middle of next year), the other option still look very good in comparison, at least i wont have my mind at two places, and that i gave one option everything i got.

As my sister is coming here, and as i feel that i have a strong emotional attachment to staying in melbourne, stuff like friends, the food and the weather, i decide to focus my effort on securing a PR and getting a job here. I think that is a good decision.

So thats that for tuesday.

Not much happen on wednesday and thursday other than furiously trying to write my essay for friday.

Everything works so well on friday that i thought the stars was somehow aligned, and even though i am tired from the lack of sleep, i had a great night out with few close friends of mine, playing mahjong and sharing life stories.

One important question came up on friday, and thats what do i look for in a girl?

It is a simple, but really difficult to answer. You know you are attracted to somebody, but when you really think about it, you dont know why. You just simply cant put a finger on the list anymore, its just a whole state of flux in your mind. Perhaps the way we are attracted to somebody is hardwired into our brain. I have no doubt that in life sometimes you have to make compromises on the person that you end up with, and often, in making that choice you can be more rational about the criteria. But for a person that you have a natural attraction to, that is hard. You dont really know why, you just do.



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